Ti6er’s Intro


Adventures in the politics of food and health, intro


Who I “am” right now:

My name is Tony Yang, I’m currently a senior with only 6 more credits to finish up in order to receive my BAS in Information Technology & Administrative Management

Why I’m here:

I’m here because I need a level 300 course in order to satisfy my upper level requirements.

One issue I feel I know a fair bit about:

Information Technology, however, I have not been working in that field for 5 years. I may have forgotten some aspect of the IT field although that’s not to say I completely forgotten everything about the field.

One issue I’d enjoy exploring further:

I’m open to new ideas and new challenges, this course will give me an in-depth perspective of “food”.

The most fun I had with food today:

I like to cook, especially my traditional food even though my culture is not well known nor would anyone be familiar with it. I also like to cook different types of food just to have an idea of how it taste. I usually do the cooking in my household because my wife is not much of a cook.

My comfort level with the “blog” thing:

This is my first time blogging, so I do not have a good idea or a guide to compare it with. If I have to give a number I would give it a 5 out of 10, time will tell if I am comfortable with it.